Various online things I've created that were stand-alone products, as opposed to the JavaScript & PHP scripts which are designed to be integrated into larger pages.

6x9 Web Search

A retired search form that allowed you to search many different websites from one location. It was used as a standalone website or embedded into other pages

Full details can be found on the 6x9 Web Search page.

CSS Page Layouts

Templates designed to be a pre-made set of simple and easy-to-use page layouts for websites.

Full details can be found on the CSS Page Layouts page.

Galsing Flickr

A PHP script for creating single page photo archives (where 'single page' means that the script is a single file, not that all the photos are shown together on one page).

Full details can be found on the Galsing Flickr page.

Warwick Blogs Grabber

A PHP script to take the RSS feed for a Warwick Blog, format it, and output the result to allow the blog to be mirrored on another website.

Full details can be found on the Warwick Blogs Grabber page.