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6x9 Web Search


The code was originally created for a design of my personal website,, that never progressed very far. When I decided to abandon that design and start again, I also decided to create a standalone search form.

The form allowed you to search many different websites (such as Google, Wikipedia, and IMDb) from one location.

It could be used either as a standalone page, or embedded in other pages.

The size of the form was set such that it should fill the available space in Safari on an iPhone.

I kept adding more searches as I thought of them, and since the search form that's embedded was still the live form, any new searches would automatically appear in embedded forms.


The form looked like this:

6 times 9 Web Search form


The project had remained largely unchanged since 2008, with minor tweaks to accomodate changes in URLs up to 2011. Due to the prevalence and effectiveness of built-in browser search features I officially discontinued the project when I moved 6 times 9 to Google Sites at the start of 2013.